Many of us (Muslims) know the benefits of sending Durood upon the Messenger of God. The Great Qur’an commands the believers to “Send Salawat and Salam” upon the Prophet. Durood in Action is an endeavor to follow this injunction by practical day to day actions; we believe that doing such actions in our society will help improve it.

After all, the actions of the Messenger are an ideal for us and replicating his noble habits will make world a better place.

  • Little kind words that he spoke transformed lives in entirety. It was such actions like:

  • A loving glance towards the oppressed and dejected that seeded hope in their hearts.

  • Feeding others even when days would pass without him having any food.

  • Gleaming with the life-infusing smile even in trials and tribulations.
It was not just his beautiful recitation of the Qur’an, every breath, every moment, every step and every glance of the Messenger – Sallallahu ‘Alai hi Wassalam – was an act of living Qur’an

Big or small, every action of the Messenger was an endeavor to remind the humans to realize the potential of the “best mould” that they were created in by the Best Creator.

It was actions like:

  • clearing the street of harmful things,

  • tending to the women who used to throw scrap on the road when the Messenger passed by,

  • placing the hand of consolation and love on the head of orphans,

  • being such truthful that even his opponents would entrust him with judging between them,

  • Treating poor, destitute and weak with love and compassion,

  • Inculcating peace and forgiveness. Forgiving even the person who killed his dear uncle,

  • Emphasizing the importance of personal hygiene and clean neighborhoods,

  • ... and numerous other actions.
When asked what is the best of Islam, the Messenger replied, “To feed the hungry and greet/wish Salam (Peace & well-being) to people you know and those you don’t know”

We feel that there is a great need to work on this aspect of Durood: that is what we call Durood in Action!

We seek the help of God and we ask Him to cleanse our hearts and souls. All good belongs to God and in Him we put our trust.

Khalid Alam,
Feb 26, 2010, 3:21 AM